[IPython-User] Notebook and Apache

Burns, Scott S scott.s.burns@Vanderbilt....
Tue Dec 4 16:18:07 CST 2012

I've got apache running on my local machine, mostly serving static files. I setup an ipython profile for an outward facing notebook server specifying port 80 in the config file. $ sudo ipython notebook --profile=[my profile] didn't crash like I thought it would, but the server now lives at 81 because it couldn't bind to 80 and just tried for the next open port.

So my colleagues wouldn't have to type a port in the URL, could I:
- Just make the notebook serve localhost
- Setup a reverse proxy in apache so https://localhost:8888/ responds to https://[hostname]/ipython/ or whatever url I choose

I know most of us aren't sys admins but has anyone else run into something like this?


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