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Wed Dec 5 03:45:16 CST 2012


i don't know if can help,
i'm using something like that :

- start python on port yyyy from IP xxx.xxx.xx.xx
- write a file in /var/www/ipython/myusername.html :

<META name="IPython" content="IPython"><META name="keywords" content="IPython">
<frameset rows="100%,*" border="0">
<frame src="
http://xxx.xxx.xx.xx:yyyy/" frameborder="0" />
<frame frameborder="0" noresize />

and load it in the browser :



Il giorno 04/dic/2012, alle ore 17:18, "Burns, Scott S" <scott.s.burns@Vanderbilt.Edu> ha scritto:

> I've got apache running on my local machine, mostly serving static files. I setup an ipython profile for an outward facing notebook server specifying port 80 in the config file. $ sudo ipython notebook --profile=[my profile] didn't crash like I thought it would, but the server now lives at 81 because it couldn't bind to 80 and just tried for the next open port.
> So my colleagues wouldn't have to type a port in the URL, could I:
> - Just make the notebook serve localhost
> - Setup a reverse proxy in apache so https://localhost:8888/ responds to https://[hostname]/ipython/ or whatever url I choose
> I know most of us aren't sys admins but has anyone else run into something like this?
> --Scott
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