[IPython-User] using iPython as a way to generate repetitive reports.

Zachary Charlop-Powers zcharlop@mail.rockefeller....
Wed Dec 5 17:03:01 CST 2012

Matthias, Thanks for your reply. The re-send of my original e-mail was inadvertent.

ipynb files are "simple" Json files you can manipulate/create as you wish.

What you want is a headless program that taking a template .ipynb files and somme command modify it.
See some example here :
of gist modifying ipynb structure, or ever re-running ipynb files in a headless manner.

What do you think ?

I think that you are right that messing with the browser is more complicated than I need. I see that you can write code to generate or change the .ipynb Json format but if thats the case a simple Jinja template written to convert directly to HTML /RST/Latex will also suffice and will allow more control over the final appearance.

Thanks for your comment!
zach cp

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