[IPython-User] Autocomplete in the Notebook

Ronen Abravanel ronena@gmail....
Wed Dec 12 09:42:23 CST 2012

>From about a week of heavy usage in the (grate) python notebook, as a
big aid for my  MSc. research in solid-state physics, it seems to me
that there is one big feature in which the notebooks lacks in respect
to the commandline interfaces of IPython: Autocomplete.

in Ipython.
In [1]: from sys import  <TAB>
_clear_type_cache      flags                  path_importer_cache
_current_frames        float_info             platform ....

In [1]: f = open("/ <TAB>
/bin/            /lib/            /opt/            /sys/ ....

In [1]: f = open("/et <TAB> -->  "/etc/"

and many other examples.

In the notebook, tab-completion do work in many cases, but not in
there two cases and not in some other cases.

1. Do I do anything wrong? Is there any way to enable such autocompletion?
2. If not, are such support are future plan to match the Notebooks'
autocompletion with the console?

Ronen Abravanel,

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