[IPython-User] Autocomplete in the Notebook

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Wed Dec 12 10:25:53 CST 2012

Le 12 déc. 2012 à 16:42, Ronen Abravanel a écrit :

>> From about a week of heavy usage in the (grate) python notebook, as a
> big aid for my  MSc. research in solid-state physics, it seems to me
> that there is one big feature in which the notebooks lacks in respect
> to the commandline interfaces of IPython: Autocomplete.
> in Ipython.
> In [1]: from sys import  <TAB>
> _clear_type_cache      flags                  path_importer_cache
> _current_frames        float_info             platform ….

I can confirm that this one does trigger the tooltip instead of completions in notebook.
It should be a matter of tweaking regular expression to know which should be triggerd. 

> or:
> In [1]: f = open("/ <TAB>
> /bin/            /lib/            /opt/            /sys/ ….
> and
> In [1]: f = open("/et <TAB> -->  "/etc/"

Those 2 works for me in the notebook. 

> and many other examples.
> In the notebook, tab-completion do work in many cases, but not in
> there two cases and not in some other cases.
> 1. Do I do anything wrong? Is there any way to enable such autocompletion?
> 2. If not, are such support are future plan to match the Notebooks'
> autocompletion with the console?

You can open en issues on github, and provide the test cases that would help us to nail down what is needed and how to test. 
If you want to give a shot at tweaking the regular expressions, please ask, and we will point you how to where they are.


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