[IPython-User] Keyboard shortcuts

Hennie van Niekerk hennie@chalklands....
Wed Dec 12 18:32:04 CST 2012

I've played with IPython Notebook recently, using an old machine at home to
install IPython on an Ubuntu headless server.

My access to IPython is via a Chromebook.  This works really nicely, on the
Chromebook Google has a "Secure Shell" application so terminal access is
available on the sever, should there be a need, and Dropbox or Google Drive
can be used to access the notebook files or any graphs saved as png, etc.

It would be nice if the keyboard shortcut used for the Notebook could be
user configured - on Chrome OS, Ctrl-m is hard-wired to bring up a file
access window, so this cannot be used with the IPython Notebook.

As an interim solution I've changed the key binding in notebook,js to use
Ctrl-i, instead of Ctrl-m.

How do I go about making a feature request to ask that this be a
configurable item? (or perhaps the OS can be detected by the javascript and
change the shortcut appropriately??)

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