[IPython-User] ipython notebooks and collaboration: diff & merge ?

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Thu Dec 13 01:50:13 CST 2012

Le 13 déc. 2012 à 05:11, Adam Ginsburg a écrit :

> I've been using ipython notebooks with github as a teaching tool.
> I've written up ipython notebooks with blanks in them and ask the
> students to fill in those blanks as part of the assignment.  It works
> nicely as an interactive "lecture" + tutorial.
> I've also been using git (via github) to distribute the notebooks.
> However, I've come across a problem - sometimes, I need to send the
> students updated notebooks, but they've already made some changes and
> saved their notebooks.  When I send them the new code, they get merge
> conflicts, and the conflicts are pretty messy (dozens of annoying,
> trivial ones because cell numbers have changed, much more daunting
> ones when images are involved).
> My students don't really know how to merge documents.  I'm not much of
> a merging expert myself.  Is there a nice way to merge ipython
> notebooks, say based only on inputs (in order to ignore output
> images)?  Are there any particular merge/diff tools that handle
> ipython notebooks well?

There is a short thread on the 18th of november with 1 or 2 prototype of diff tools.
I think Min has a prototype of manual merging script (i would search on the wiki)

Any Json-diff tool can be of help.

But we will get to that. 


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