[IPython-User] Notebook as a Wiki

Burns, Scott S scott.s.burns@Vanderbilt....
Thu Dec 13 09:09:35 CST 2012

I'm trying to think through using the ipython notebook as a lab wiki. Here's what I've come up with so far:

  *   Have on canonical directory for all of the notebooks (version-controlled, backed up, etc).
  *   Start one notebook server in password-protected, read-only mode with the notebook directory set to the directory mentioned above. This would be routed to https://[webserver]/notebook using Massimo's frame trick (see the Notebook and Apache thread a few weeks back).
  *   Have another notebook server that's password-protected but has write/execute status, routed to https://[webserver]/notebook-edit, working on the same directory.

Everyone in the lab has access to the read-only mode and only the members I trust can get the password to edit the notebooks. Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Has anyone else done something similar? Thanks for any thoughts and ideas.

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