[IPython-User] problems opening notebooks in different directory

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Mon Dec 17 14:33:07 CST 2012

Le 17 déc. 2012 à 21:11, Mark Bakker a écrit :

> Hello List,
> In iPython 0.13.1, I try to open a notebook that is located in a different directory by clicking on the 'click here' in the line:
> "To import a notebook, drag the file onto the listing below or click here."
> Nothing happens at all. Is this supposed to work?

On 10.7.2 / safari 5.1.1 Drag does not work.  

The click does, you can "detect" the area where to click as the "small hand" appear, it shouldn't but it might
be slightly shifted from one browser to the other.

Attached where it should be (all red area plus button once opacity set back to 100%) 

Also, you can set the notebook starting folder by using the --notebook-dir=some/path/  flag.

> I am running it in Safari on a Mac. 
> The qtconsole works just fine, btw.
> Mark
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