[IPython-User] Theano & the IPython notebook

David Warde-Farley d.warde.farley@gmail....
Wed Dec 19 15:57:26 CST 2012

Hello all,

I'm not sure how much the IPython and Theano userbases intersect, but
for those of you using IPython's incredibly useful browser-based
notebook to prototype Theano code, you may find this useful. The long
and short of it was I was trying to figure out the difference between
two graphs and got sick of calling Theano's pydotprint function and
then opening up image viewers manually, so I wrote the 20-odd lines of
code necessary to take advantage of IPython's extended pretty-printing
for my purposes.


Usage demonstration: http://i.imgur.com/7WWqq.png

I haven't yet extended this to automatically print the graphs for
intermediate _variables_, as I think pydotprint_variables needs a bit
of a refactor/unification of its arguments with regular pydotprint,
but it should be reasonably straightforward in the future.

Hope somebody else finds this useful.


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