[IPython-User] WIP: theano ipython tutorials

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Sat Dec 22 16:07:31 CST 2012

>> 1. what's the best way to run all the notebooks from top to bottom to
>> make sure that there is no stale code?

There is an example script somewhere (wiki or min's gist)
to rerun the ipynb in a headless manner.

>> 2. what's the best way to publish the notebooks as images or a web
>> page or something so that they can have a more web-friendly image?
>> Right now, you have to download them and fire them up with IPython to
>> get the *html* that finally lets you see them.

Nbviewer is made for that.
If you make a multifile gist the gist will be browsable in nbviewer.

There is also nbview-dev that is good to explore github :


nbconvert could also allow to export pdfs...

>> - James
>> On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 10:39 AM, James Bergstra
>> <james.bergstra@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I think the IPython notebook is a brilliant way to teach theano and
>>> machine learning in Python.  I've been working off and on toward a set
>>> of tutorials similar to theano tutorial + deep learning tutorials, and
>>> it's at a point where I'd like to share it, and maybe get some
>>> feedback & contributions.
>>> The code is here:
>>> https://github.com/jaberg/IPythonTheanoTutorials
>>> Currently the notebooks are:
>>> Intro to Python.ipynb
>>> Intro to Scikit Data (skdata).ipynb
>>> Links to Related Work.ipynb
>>> Model - Autoencoders and Variations with PyAutodiff.ipynb
>>> Model - Convnet with PyAutodiff.ipynb
>>> Model - LIF Neurons with Theano.ipynb
>>> Model - Linear SVM with PyAutodiff.ipynb
>>> Model - Logistic Regression with Theano.ipynb
>>> Model - Multilayer Perceptron with PyAutodiff.ipynb
>>> Notation for Machine Learning.ipynb
>>> Preprocessing - Image Whitening.ipynb
>>> Theano Tutorial (Part 1 - Introduction).ipynb
>>> Theano Tutorial (Part 2 - Simple Computation).ipynb
>>> Theano Tutorial (Part 3 - Functions and Shared Variables).ipynb
>>> Theano Tutorial (Part 4 - Random Variables).ipynb
>>> util.py
>>> Note that pure python support files (e.g. util.py) can be included
>>> alongside the notebook files, so that the notebooks can be more
>>> focussed on just the important parts of the code.
>>> There are a few known issues in this set of tutorials of various
>>> kinds, but I just decided it was silly to be sitting on it and hiding
>>> all the good parts as well, so here it is! Here's a home-made
>>> christmas present, theano ppl :)
>>> - James
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