[IPython-User] Display of HTML in iPython and in nbconvert produced LaTeX

Todd mtoddmatthews@msn....
Sun Dec 23 10:48:47 CST 2012

Happy to find how well the nbconvert utility works - with it, I am 
convinced that iPython is the right direction for many work flows!

What is required to represent content in iPython output cells with the 
IPython.core.display subpackages and then in the LaTeX produced code? I 
For instance, for the following code -

from IPython.core.display import HTML
HTML("<b>This is a test</b> and only a test")

renders the formatted HTML as expected in the iPython output cell. But, 
saving the ipynb and running it through nbconvert -f latex does not 
display the HTML. Instead, the object text is represented.

<IPython.core.display.HTML at 0xa37276c>

So, what is needed to display render the HTML table in latex from 
nbconvert? I suppose the question would be the same for other 
core.display types (figures, latex, etc). Being new to nbconvert (and 
iPython), I may be missing something. Or, perhaps this level of 
rendering has not been fully implemented in nbconvert given its newness. 
The pandas dataframe is represented okay with HTML in iPython and 
formatted text in latex; but, I don't understand the general strategy 
well enough to know what direction to take. Insight would be much 

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