[IPython-User] nbconvert rendering of iPython output cells represented by core.display classes

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Thu Dec 27 05:24:32 CST 2012

> can the Latex code be displayed as LaTeX in the markdown from
> within iPython?

No, Matjax does not support LaTeX Table.

> Now for the main problem - I should be able to match the successful
> nbconvert/pdflatex behavior by having the _repl_latex_ produce the exact
> same LaTeX code (wrapped in "$$" for mathjax) and then return it. But,
> this does not get converted with nbconvert/pdflatex with pdflatex
> complaining about "\Improper prevdepth". I am missing something basic.
> Any thoughts?

I think you should open a bug on nbconvert page, preferably with a
link to a notebook that reproduce the example
it will be easier to track the why.

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