[IPython-User] editor magic in notebook and other newbie Q's.

Luciano luciano@joublanc....
Thu Dec 27 14:37:57 CST 2012

I just started using iPython 0.13.1 on linux, and as I'm new to python
altogether I find it's a great way to learn. I have a couple of basic
questions I was hoping someone could answer; I don't think they're covered
in the docs:

1. Is it possible to use %edit in notebook mode? It works fine for me when
just running "ipython", but if I start it with "ipython notebook" it says
something like "IPython will make a temporary file named: /tmp/xxx.py", but
the cell returns immediately and nothing happens. I use vim as $EDITOR.

2. Is it possible to change the orientation of the separator bar in the
notebook (i.e. where all help files are shown) to be vertical?

3. When I start notebook mode, the 'epiphany' browser bundled with gnome
starts up, even though this isn't my OS configured default browser. Is this
configurable in iPython? Should I file a bug?

4. In notebook mode, is it possible to get the matplotlib to render graphs
in svg mode, so they scale when I zoom in on the web page/save as pdf?


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