[IPython-User] Multiprocessing question

Ricardo Amézquita ramezquitao@gmail....
Wed Feb 1 11:57:57 CST 2012

I have some code that uses multiprocessing to parallelize some calculation.
I know that previous versions of Ipython had some issues with
multiprocessing. Yesterday, I ran some long time (3 h) calculation using my
parallel code and Ipython. In the standard console the code ran without
problems, but in the web notebook, and the qtconsole, the program never
finished. The code didn't break, so there was no error message, it just
simply sat there.
So my questions are:
- are there still issues between multiprocessing and Ipython?
- My software will be greatly benefited if you could run it  from the
Ipython qtconsole, or web notebook. If I want to keep the parallel
processing would you say it is better to use Ipython's parallel
infrastructure instead multiprocessing (or others)?

Ricardo Amézquita Orozco

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