[IPython-User] parallel questions

Toby Burnett tburnett@uw....
Thu Feb 2 12:36:30 CST 2012

I'm a heavy user of the IPython 0.12 parallel, and have gotten some very useful help from Min.
Something I have not figured out how to do, however: If an engine fails, its GUID is reported, but, having used a balanced view to assign tasks, I don't know which task it was assigned, which would be very useful for debugging.

Another vague request is for tools to set up, monitor, and kill a cluster. It occurs to me that the notebook interface is ideal for both understanding how to do things, and easily customizing for an individual setup: in my case the notebook server runs in the same environment as the engines, so a notebook is a nice way to perform cluster management.

--Toby Burnett
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