[IPython-User] Is iPython useful for this scenario?

Florian Lindner mailinglists@xgm...
Sat Feb 4 16:03:43 CST 2012


I'm currently working on a control-/queue-management software for a
CFD simulation system. If consists of three parts:

- A client communicates with the CFD system. It can be long running.
The client can also be run standalone.

- A server which does the queue management and starts up the clients.
It is non-interactive

- A server interface which the user uses to talk to the server, e.g.
to enqueue new jobs.

Currently they are communicating via XMLRPC (from python stdlib):

client <---- server <---- server interface.

A this time the system works only localhost and with one client.

Before continue to extend it I wonder if iPython could be useful for
network communication and process management. I browsed through the
docs but I'm not entirely sure if I got the ideas of iPython right.

The user should not get in contact with iPython. The software is not
doing and probably will never do any numerical demanding calculations

Is iPython useful in the scenario?



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