[IPython-User] a question about multiple versions of ipython

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Tue Feb 7 15:42:46 CST 2012


I have ipython .12 installed on my mac laptop and am using a lot on a
project.  It is quite a useful tool.

I am wanting to also have installed the development version, but also
want to have .12 installed and safe.  I looked at the instructions for
installing the development version but it seems that if I do that I
will overwrite the current 0.12. Since I need 0.12 for my project I
definitely want to keep it safe but I also really want to be able to
pull occasionally the development version.  Can you guys please tell
me how to have both say .12 and .13-development happily installed but
not clobbering each other?

Sorry if this is a naive question. Just want to be safe and am not
really sure what I am doing.

Thanks for your help.


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