[IPython-User] Notebook doesn't produce output

Ullrich Koethe ullrich.koethe@iwr.uni-heidelberg...
Thu Feb 9 10:50:49 CST 2012


I'm very impressed with the new notebook functionality, but I cannot get 
it to work on my computer (Windows 7, 64-bit, python 2.7, ipython 0.12, 
Firefox 10.0). When I start the notebook via

$ ipython notebook

the notebook management page correctly shows up in Firefox, and I can 
create new notebooks. Upon notebook creation, a kernel is correctly 
started, as I confirmed by a console client started with "--existing", 
which works normally. However, when I try to execute commands within the 
notebook (Shift-Enter), the prompt changes into


and a new cell is created, but no output appears. In fact, the command 
has no effect at all, as I confirmed in the other client.

How can I proceed to fix the problem?


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