[IPython-User] editing a file on a mac

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Thu Feb 9 15:18:40 CST 2012


I am not sure I am using the %edit magic correctly, as it does not
yield what I hope..:).

Namely,  I  issue


and I get a little blurb telling me what file will be temporarily
opened in /var/folders/3f/n6537g3d6pz36xj2w5y3rcr00000gq/T/ipython_edit_ZZynJx.py.
 However, vi does not open.  I have not set any env variables
mentioned in the IPython.Magic.html.  I looked for the file in the
indicated directory and nothing is there.  So, what am I doing wrong
in using %edit?

I want to edit a file called comer.py so I tried

%edit comer.py

comer.py lives in the notebooks directory where I am working on
existing notebooks.

What is the correct way to awaken the editor?

I am running  the development version .13 on a mac running lion.  I
have been using this laptop for work on notebooks using .12 and
yesterday installed .13.



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