[IPython-User] Incomplete Windows 7 installation

Paul Jurczak pauljurczak@yahoo....
Thu Feb 9 15:23:52 CST 2012

Hi Thomas,

>Installation completed successfully, log file doesn't have any errors, but there is no IPython on Start Menu or Desktop. There are several executables in Python32/Scripts directory, but running them produces errors (ipython3 -> "ImportError: No module named pkg_resources").
>>Is there an installation step I missed?
>It sounds like you don't have distribute installed - unfortunately we've found this is necessary on Windows. You can get it here - the simplest way is using distribute_setup.py
>After installing that, if you rerun the IPython installation, you should see it in the start menu.

OK, I installed Distribute, rerun IPython installation and I have text mode interface running. How do I get to a pretty interface with embedded graphs as shown in SciPy 2011 video?


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