[IPython-User] IPython-notebook-sympy bug report

Paul Lutus q3@arachnoid....
Sun Feb 12 10:54:11 CST 2012

I am running IPython and sympy under Fedora 16. My IPython version is 
0.12, my sympy version is  0.7.1-1.

I have uncovered a bug having to do with LaTeX / MathJax rendering. It 
turns out that, although nearly all notebook content is rendered using 
MathJax, lists aren't, as shown in this link:


The first result is rendered by MathJax, and the second is rendered 
using Unicode. After some investigation, I realize it's because the 
second result is in the form of a list (if I render each list element 
separately, it renders as LaTeX). Further experiments confirm that the 
issue is lists, not content.

Thanks for reading!

Paul Lutus

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