[IPython-User] Configuring qtconsole for notebook?

Tom Brander tombrander@tombrander....
Thu Feb 16 12:22:23 CST 2012

Thanks for the help yesterday, I have qt console running via the command
line using "python2.7 ipython.py qtconsole --pylab qt" So clearly at least
from the command line it can be found..

But when I attempt to invoke it via %qtconsole in Notebook I get ERROR:
Magic function `qtconsole` not found.
I am using Ipython 12 dev (from pypi) and Ubuntu 10.10 and python2.7 (as a
non-default Python)

I start Ipython as so: "ipython.py notebook --pylab=inline"

Tom Brander
http://oswco.com -Open Software
http://profiles.google.com/tombrander -google+
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