[IPython-User] ipython qtconsole hangs mayavi window on Mac

Stefan shmueller2@gmail....
Fri Feb 17 04:37:30 CST 2012


I am again experiencing a problem with ipython-qtconsole on Mac OS X. (My
earlier problem with the calltips went away after downgrading Qt from 4.8.0
to 4.7.4: See https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/1407)

This time, I am trying to do: 

from mayavi.api import Engine
e = Engine()
s = e.new_scene()

When launched from ipython (no qtconsole), a mayavi window comes up, and one
can see the window title changing fast from "TVTK" to "Mayavi Scene 1",
after which one can interact with the figure to make a parametric surface
plot, for example. However, ipython's responsiveness to keyboard input slows
*very significantly* after issuing the above 4 commands. Too much for me to
work on...

On a fresh ipython qtconsole, the code above hangs after generating the
"TVTK" window. The title does not change to "Mayavi Scene 1" - instead one
sees the Mac spinning color wheel and cannot interact in any way with the
figure. The qtconsole remains responsive, but the TVTK window doesn't
respond to any commands. The only way to kill the window is to exit the

I tried googling "ipython qtconsole mayavi hangs on mac" but didn't get any
useful results.

My setup was obtained as:   (after uninstalling everything from a previous

Mac OS 10.7.2
brew install qt -> 4.7.4 (after downgrading the formula)
brew install pyqt -> 4.9.1
brew install vtk --qt --python --tcl -> 5.8.0
pip install ipython -> 0.12
pip install mayavi -> 4.1.0 (this installs TVTK as well)

I had custom flags --gl2ps and --mpi for VTK, which enable the gl2ps and mpi
related VTK flags. I also kept the dependencies of mayavi, traits etc, from
my previous installation, all at 4.1.0. This should be unrelated to my

Anyone who can reproduce this problem on a Mac? Any ideas how to fix it? 

I am getting a bit desperate since I still don't have an ipython environment
to do work with. I don't want to switch back to Matlab, so please help!

Many thanks,

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