[IPython-User] ipython prompt slows significantly after importing from mayavi

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel@gmail....
Fri Feb 17 09:03:04 CST 2012

On 2/17/12 06:11 , Stefan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have given up to get ipython qtconsole working with mayavi on my Mac for
> now.

The tvtk/mayavi window hangs for me also when using qtconsole.

> Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work on the plain ipython shell either. Most
> of the time, after importing anything from mayavi, e.g.
> from mayavi import mlab
> the ipython command prompt becomes so slow and unresponsive that it is
> impossible to work with. I say "most of the time", since about every fourth
> restart of ipython "survives" the mayavi import. If one gets lucky and gets
> such a "surviving" shell, it remains responsive even after subsequent mayavi
> commands. One could actually do some work then...

Fortunately for me, I don't experience this.  I run ipython with:

$ export QT_API=pyqt
$ ipython --gui=qt

> Would be great if every "ipython" launch would predictable result in a
> workable environment, though.
> Hence my post. Is it possible that some buffer in ipython gets almost filled
> up when importing a large module? Can one increase this buffer? Any other
> ideas how one could remedy this situation?
> I tried launching ipython on both Terminal and xterm, both times
> experiencing the same behavior. So it doesn't appear to be the underlying
> shell that imposes limitations.
> Here is my configuration again:
> Mac OS 10.7.2 Lion (Macbook Air with 4 GB of memory - should be plenty)
> python 2.7.2
> qt 4.7.4
> pyqt 4.9.1
> vtk 5.8.0
> ipython 0.12
> mayavi 4.1.0
> Everything is built from source using homebrew and pip. Flags are both for
> 64 and 32 bit, where 64bits takes precedence. This could be relevant...

My configuration is (all installed via Macports):
Mac OS 10.6.8
python 2.6.7
qt 4.7.4
pyqt 4.9
vtk 5.6.1
ipyton 0.12
mayavi 4.1.0


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