[IPython-User] [ipython notebook] reluctant ampersands

Angus McMorland amcmorl@gmail....
Fri Feb 17 13:09:56 CST 2012

Hi all,

In certain notebook code cells I can't type ampersands: every other
character seems to work, but ampersands just don't show up, as if I
hadn't pressed a key. My need for ampersands isn't great, so this
hasn't happened regularly enough for me to systematically work out
what causes it, and the easy work-around is to type the ampersand in
some other cell where it works, and then Cut and Paste it into the
appropriate location, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this and
if anyone has any idea what's going on?


AJC McMorland
Post-doctoral research fellow
Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh

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