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Could you post this notebook somewhere? I'm just learning to use it, and am teaching the same sort of class.

Like you, I  would love to have lots of examples, it is so easy to deal with.

That applies to the developers, too: I'm waiting for some nice notebooks beyond that into, especially for using the parallel facility.

--Toby Burnett

University of Washington Physics dept.

P.S. Sorry about slip with a send. :(

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HI Brian,

Thanks for the tips.  I think I will just wait until the Mathjax developers decide that version 2.0 is real.  I am just wanting to use equation numbering in a notebook I am working on.  I'm a physicist.

The notebook is about illustrating the hyperbolic character of Maxwell's equations in Minkowski spacetime. This is not new stuff but several techniques which have become quite useful in numerical relativity are discussed, especially how one goes about demonstrating hyperbolicity and the ramifications therein.  The notebook uses the markdown stuff a lot and uses Sympy to do the symbolic calculations.

It is a lot of fun and is good for me to learn/understand better some aspects of Sympy.

I am really enjoying ipython and thank you developers for your efforts. I am using 0.13 and like the interface thus far.

By the way, is there a url where a bunch of ipython notebooks are archived? It would be nice to see what variety of things have been done so far with ipython notebooks!



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