[IPython-User] html from ipython nb

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Thu Feb 23 10:58:33 CST 2012

Yesterday I discovered Fernando's nb2html script and eventually
installed python 3.2 and then docutils 0.9 but still had no luck in
getting his nb2html script not to choke on a notebook file.  Maybe I
did something incorrectly but given that the developers are clearly
quite busy with core/foundational issues I was hoping to be able to
use Fernando's script for now.  Given that I did not get it to work, I
thought I'd inquire about the feature recently mentioned by Brian in a
Google+ post.

I have seen Brian's Google+ post mention about being able to have
various and sundry useful output formats for notebooks.  I am
particularly interested at the html flavor in that I am wondering
whether using that format can result in what I need:  an html version
of a *.ipynb file?  And the post and the exchanges which followed
indicated that only in the master can this be found.  So my  question
is: am I correctly understanding the intent of the html format output?
  Can such be used how I want?  I really am thinking that for now if I
can get a sort of working ipynb to html converter I can use it to make
html versions of my notebooks to put in my blog. Then if later other
places to store ipython notebooks appear (eg scipy-central,
pythonanywhere) then one could begin putting them there.

Thanks for any help and/or pointers.


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