[IPython-User] html from ipython nb

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Thu Feb 23 11:35:01 CST 2012

Hi Thomas,

> I think the way to go is debugging Fernando's script - it evidently
> works (worked?) under some conditions, so that's probably the best
> starting point. Once that's robust, we can hook the code up to the
> output mechanisms of the main codebase.
> I imagine Fernando was using Python 2.7 with the script - we'll want
> to get it working with Python 3 as well, but it's not necessarily
> Python 3 compatible yet.

I had installed Python 3 because the word in the 0.9 version of
docutils was that one needed Python 3.  Maybe I got it wrong?  I
inferred this from the page
docutils.sourceforge.net/README.html#quick-start. I did not try
installing docutils 0.9 using python 2.7.2 that I mainly use.


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