[IPython-User] Novice notebook questions

Mike Witt msg2mw@gmail....
Tue Feb 28 00:07:38 CST 2012

Two beginner questions on the IPython notebook:

(1) I seem to be able to select text in the notebook and paste it
     somewhere else (into an xterm for example). But I can't figure
     out how to select text somewhere outside the notebook and paste
     it into a notebook cell. This is on Linux. I would normally just
     select the text and paste it with the middle mouse button.

(2) I see how to load preexisting python code into a cell, via
     "%loadpy" but I can't figure out any way to load, say, a bunch
     of html and latex from an existing file (other than to surround it
     with """ and pretend it's python """).  Is there any other way to
     do this?


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