[IPython-User] Novice notebook questions

Mike Witt msg2mw@gmail....
Tue Feb 28 10:53:06 CST 2012

On 02/27/2012 11:51:48 PM, Fernando Perez wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 10:07 PM, Mike Witt <msg2mw@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Two beginner questions on the IPython notebook:
> >
> > (1) I seem to be able to select text in the notebook and paste it
> >     somewhere else (into an xterm for example). But I can't figure
> >     out how to select text somewhere outside the notebook and paste
> >     it into a notebook cell. This is on Linux. I would normally just
> >     select the text and paste it with the middle mouse button.
> The middle-button paste event isn't correctly handled by codemirror,
> so you must use the actual clipboard (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V) instead, and not
> the X11 selection.

I guess the problem is that I don't know how to get something from
the X11 selection into the "actual clipboard"

> > (2) I see how to load preexisting python code into a cell, via
> >     "%loadpy" but I can't figure out any way to load, say, a bunch
> >     of html and latex from an existing file (other than to surround  
> it
> >     with """ and pretend it's python """).  Is there any other way  
> to
> >     do this?
> You can import a python file with cell markers, so if you have a bunch
> of  such code that you'd like to load into files, you can mark up a
> .py script manually and then import it:
> http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/dev/interactive/htmlnotebook.html#the-notebook-format
> That may be easier and quicker than manually copy/pasting a bunch of
> cells one at a time.

Yes, definitely. Thanks!


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