[IPython-User] Integration of the notebook with Evernote?

Toby Burnett tburnett@uw....
Wed Feb 29 13:11:04 CST 2012

Hi all,
Maybe someone has some ideas for this. I keep all my physics  research notes in Evernote, which I really love.
My mode for a long time has been to clip IPython-generated plots and paste them in, adding text and sometimes the plotting code.

But now the notebook, which has changed my life, offers some things that Evernote does not, especially how easy it is to create a dynamic and coherent document. So I'd like an easy way to, say insert the print view, as a PDF perhaps, and copy the ipynb version for reference or later retrieval. The many steps that takes now is a disincentive.

--Toby Burnett.

P.S. I'm very disappointed that Pycon conflicts with a trip I'm taking; otherwise I would have loved the opportunity to meet everyone and express my gratitude.
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