[IPython-User] problem with notebook directory

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Tue Jan 3 18:44:30 CST 2012

aha, if you still have IPython running, later starts of IPython will be on a different port (8889, etc.).  The URL will be displayed on the command-line at startup.  It could be that you just had an old session still running, and you were not actually connecting to the new ones.


On Jan 3, 2012, at 14:32, Toby Burnett <tburnett@uw.edu> wrote:

> OK, I reinstalled  ipython, which fixed it, but the key might have been stopping all python processes.
> --Toby
> From: Toby Burnett 
> Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2012 07:16
> To: ipython-user@scipy.org
> Subject: problem with notebook directory
> I’ve been happily using notebooks with python2.7 IPython 0.12, on windows, but suddenly can’t get it to start in my notebook directory.
> No matter what I set c.NotebookManager.notebook_dir to, I’m getting instead
> u'C:\\Python27\\Lib\\site-packages\\ipython-0.12-py2.7.egg\\share\\doc\\ipython\\examples\\notebooks'
> I can drag my present notebooks onto this list, but would like to be able to set it. I have no idea why this is happening: it must be related to moving to that directory to look at those notebooks. Please help.
> --Toby Burnett
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