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Fri Jan 6 05:44:33 CST 2012

Hi Oleg,

On 6 January 2012 04:06, Oleg Mikulchenklo <olmikul@gmail.com> wrote:

> What is relation and comparison between iPython notebook  and SAGE
> notebook? Can someone provide motivation and roadmap for iPython notebook
> as alternative to SAGE notebook? Will sometime iPython notebook support
> Cython in same easy way as SAGE notebook?

They're distinct things, although I think SAGE is looking into building the
next version of their notebook to use the same protocol.

Why are we recreating a notebook, when SAGE's already works? I expect other
people will weigh in with different motivations, but first off, it works
without a 400MB download ;-). SAGE is kind of an ecosystem of its own,
bundling a lot of libraries into its package system. That has various
- Linux distributions won't package SAGE, whereas soon you'll be able to do
"apt-get install ipython notebook"
- To run SAGE on Windows, you set up a virtual machine to run Linux.
IPython can run natively.
- SAGE ships its own copy of Python (by the looks of it, that's currently
version 2.6.4). IPython can be installed on other versions, including
Python 3.

None of the above is criticising SAGE - the project has its own goals, and
what they're doing makes sense for that. But for IPython, it's important to
fit into the general Python landscape. Although we are in touch with SAGE,
and hopefully there's room to collaborate and share code.

I don't think inline Cython support is on the roadmap at present - it
sounds like the sort of thing that would make for a good extension. If
you're interested in writing one, have a look here:

Best wishes,
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