[IPython-User] adding extra content to htmlnotebook

Zoltán Vörös zvoros@gmail....
Sat Jan 7 15:31:23 CST 2012

Hi Min,
> Are you just asking for line-numbers? These can already be toggled 
> with ^M-L.  See the QuickHelp info for other shortcuts.
This I have overlooked. Thanks for the pointer!
> You can show/hide the output of the current cell with the Output: 
> Toggle button on the left (shortcut ^M-T).  Or you can actively remove 
> the output of all cells with ClearAll, in which case they won't be 
> available again until the code is re-run.
But what if I want to hide the input of the cell? The scenario that I 
have in mind is that one could have a long function definition in the 
notebook, and it is important to see and have access to the code while 
you are working on it, but it could be hidden, once it is proved to work 
properly. This definition of a function doesn't even produce an output. 
If you will, this would be very similar to code folding in many editors, 
though I don't think that a full-blown code folder is absolutely 
necessary. Also, the shortcut that you mentioned hides the complete 
output. In the case of the input, I believe it would be advisable to 
keep the first line of the cell, so that one would know what the content 

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