[IPython-User] questions about latex rendering in ipython with sympy

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Mon Jan 9 20:27:37 CST 2012


I am a recent user who wants to use ipython .12 to write notebooks.  I have
ipython installed and working on my macbook pro.  I am beginning to write a
notebook and like very much the flexibility it allows. Thanks to the

The notebook I am working on uses sympy.  I note that the sympy example
renders equations.  However, in my humble view the quality of the rendered
equations is minimal.  Mathjax does a much better job I think.  I have
cribbed the sympy example as a starter for building the notebook.  I am
wondering whether ipython works with CDN Mathjax rather than the currently
working (but not particularly pretty) equation renderings used in ipython?
 I have a separate blog which uses Mathjax and like its features.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  Sorry for the primitive nature of my

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