[IPython-User] Questions regarding notebook

Thomas Wiecki thomas.wiecki@googlemail....
Thu Jan 12 02:18:23 CST 2012


I started using the ipython notebook and it looks really great.
However, there are some issues I'm still having I'm not sure how to

* Is it possible to change or disable the kernel time-out? I often
start a long-running analysis in the notebook so I constantly get
messages about an unresponsive kernel. Even worse, even after clicking
on "Keep on running", the cell is not updated with new output (i.e.
matplotlib plots) afterwards. Is that a bug?

* Is it possible to update all viewers when something changes? I'd
like to use the notebook for collaborative coding and exploration of
issues, so having the same IPython shell would be awesome. However, if
two sessions are entering commands at the same time, I can access
their variables, but I do not see new cells emerging or plots being
generated as they are produced by the other party (would have to save
and re-open).


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