[IPython-User] make the QtConsole a bit longer? changing inline from inside IPython?

Mark Bakker markbak@gmail....
Wed Jan 18 05:32:18 CST 2012

Hello IpythonList,

I really like the QtConsole, but have two questions:

1. Can a blank line be inserted at the bottom of the console as was
standard in the old IPython console? The way it is right now is that the
cursor sits at the bottom of the console most of my session which is ugly
and difficult to work with. I know, this is only a minor feature request,
but boy would it look a lot better.

2. Are there plans to turn the 'inline' figures on/off from inside the
QtConsole rather than as a launch option? Or better yet, an IPython default
parameter that can be set in the config file? Right now I need separate
startup scripts for inline or not-inline.

Thanks for creating the QtConsole. Very very nice,

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