[IPython-User] .ipython not created

Alan Bromborsky abrombo@verizon....
Thu Jan 19 18:19:47 CST 2012

I am running ipython 0.13dev on ubuntu 11.04 64 bit(amd) and ubuntu 
11.04 32 bit(intel atom).  I use the same git clone for both.  On the 64 
bit system the .ipython directory is generated and on the other system 
it is not.  Without .ipython my custom ipython_config.py has no effect 
even if I modify ipython/IPython/config/profile/sympy/ ipython_config.py 
run setup.py install and setupegg.py install again after modification.  
ipython only seems to pay attention to the ipython_config.py that is in 

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