[IPython-User] autoscrolling in html notebook

Paul Ivanov pivanov314@gmail....
Mon Jan 23 15:53:57 CST 2012

Fernando Perez, on 2012-01-22 14:49,  wrote:
> Actually I just realized one thing that may be easy to change, and that
> would help *a lot*: if we could make Escape lose keyboard focus and gain
> 'cell focus', then it would be much easier to page up/down in a notebook.
> Right now page up/down scroll very fast, but only if you have selected a
> whole cell and are not focused inside the cell; it's a little tricky to
> reach that state with the mouse (you have to click the cell outline).  But
> if Esc gave you that, I think most of my scrolling gripes would go away:
> - type type type...
> - Want to scroll up or down? Esc.
> - page up....
> - read what I need
> - page down...
> - Enter
> - back to editing.
> This would be fast and fluid, and would not require the mouse at all.

I'm glad you're warming up to the advantages of a modal editor,
Fernando -- that Miami-SFO flight [1] was just the beginning of a
beautiful metamorphosis ;)

1.  http://python.6.n6.nabble.com/Re-vim-ipython-integration-s-back-tt1657215.html#a1657218

but in all seriousness (and sorry, i haven't followed all the
relevant threads here), this does seem like a good idea - it's
kind of weird that up and down keys allow you to scroll between
cells, but pgup pgdown don't.

back to the woodwork for me...
Paul Ivanov
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