[IPython-User] autoscrolling in html notebook

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Jan 23 20:58:19 CST 2012

2012/1/23 Brian Granger <ellisonbg@gmail.com>:
> I am not quite sure what you mean by clicking on the outline of a
> cell.  There is a glitch/bug that shows up sometimes where a cell will
> remains selected (grey outline) but the editor will lose keyboard
> focus.  On the Mac this shows up when the cell gets a blue highlight
> outline.  I consider this to be a bug and am in the process of
> tracking it down.  Code cells should never lose keyboard focus while
> the grey box is present.  Is this what you are talking about?

Yup, that's precisely it :)  That is actually *useful* when it happens
voluntarily (I agree that it's a bug that it happens at odd times and
then you're kind of stuck for typing).  Right now the only way in
which you can scroll with the keyboard using page up/down is:

1. if you have selected (but not double-clicked) a text cell, OR
2. if you have clicked on the cell outline 'just right' to get focus
at the whole-cell level but without editing inside of it.

So if in fixing the focus bug you remove completely the ability to
have focus outside of the CM editor, it will become completely
impossible to scroll the notebook with the keyboard, which would be a
big usability loss.

Furthermore, I think we want to have a way to have 'cell level' focus
so that later we can implement multi-cell selection, moving, etc.
using the usual shift-arrow pattern to select multiple cells.  For
that to work, we'll need a way to move the focus 'one level up' from
being inside the CM editor to grabbing the whole cell.



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