[IPython-User] View rendered reStructuredText (Sphinx) docstrings in iPython?

Maccarthy, Jonathan K jkmacc@lanl....
Wed Jan 25 10:56:40 CST 2012


Does anyone know if it's possible to have iPython render reStructuredText (i.e. Sphinx) docstrings when you type 'help foo', or 'foo?'  ?  I'm finding that many projects are moving to Sphinx documentation, which makes their docstrings harder to read on the fly (unpythonic?).  <rant> Needing a browser to view the docs seems to miss the point of docstrings. </rant>  Does iPython have this functionality somewhere?  If not, perhaps any devs could suggest where in the iPython source it would go (if this is even feasible)?

Thanks in advance,

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