[IPython-User] View rendered reStructuredText (Sphinx) docstrings in iPython?

Maccarthy, Jonathan K jkmacc@lanl....
Thu Jan 26 14:46:06 CST 2012

> So the ideal path would be an extension that simply uses docutils to
> emit plaintext from the docstrings stripped of reST markup as well as
> html, and sends both outputs.  This way, the clients that can show
> html will use it and the text terminal will  get more readable
> plaintext.

This seems like a more tractable path for someone who's not mucked around in the ipython source before.  Something like  "%load_ext render_reST" seems like what I'd imagined.  Cleaning up a subset of reST would be a big help, I think.  

Thanks to you both!


> This would need to be optional b/c we don't want to make docutils a
> mandatory requirement, but if it's included in ipython, then users who
> want it can just enable it in their default profile.
> Cheers,
> f

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