[IPython-User] Issues running IPython parallel in MPI mode

Matthew Rocklin mrocklin@gmail....
Fri Jan 27 15:24:38 CST 2012

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with using ipython parallel in mpi mode. On my laptop
it's working swell but on a different machine I can't get the ipengines to
be part of the same MPI world.

I.e. after setting up either an ipcluster or ipcontroller + ipengine I run
the following in python

from IPython.parallel import Client
rc = Client() #profile='mpi')
view = rc[:]
view.execute('from mpi4py import MPI')
view.execute('comm = MPI.COMM_WORLD')
view.execute('rank = comm.Get_rank()')
print view['rank']

and get out a list of zeros, each of the engines is inside of its own mpi

I set up the cluster either by using
ipcluster start --n 4 --engines=MPI --controller=MPI
ipcluster start --n 4 --profile=mpi # config files set up as in the tutorial

or directly using ipcontroller and ipengines

ipcontroller --profile=mpi
mpiexec --np 4 ipengine --profile=mpi

I'm using ubuntu with the ipython that is packaged in the enthought
distribution and linking to openmpi.

Any thoughts on common mistakes I could be making?

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