[IPython-User] redirecting plot to separate notebook

Harald Schilly harald.schilly@gmail....
Fri Jan 27 16:56:41 CST 2012

2012/1/27 Zoltán Vörös <zvoros@gmail.com>:
> What I would like to know is whether it is possible to redirect only the
> plots from one notebook to another. The problem I want to solve is the
> following. Computer monitors, and laptop monitors in particular, tend to
> be wider than tall, and on the other hand, python statements are usually
> short, …

I don't think that's a stupid question, and I thought about this, too.
What would solve this is a type of cell in the notebook with a
vertical split, that contains input code on the left hand side and a
plot (or the output) on the right hand side. An advanced version of
that would make it even possible to drag the split line around. I
don't know how hard it would be to do that, but I think it's a
feasible idea to try to implement this …


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