[IPython-User] redirecting plot to separate notebook

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Fri Jan 27 19:24:35 CST 2012

2012/1/28 Harald Schilly <harald.schilly@gmail.com>

> I think the reason why code
> is on the right is that it is flipped in your brain and the general
> idea is that the left hemisphere is more "logical". I don't think that
> this is of any significance, but worth considering. (and the more
> art-oriented right hemisphere will be happy to have drawings on the
> left).

I think the notion of predominantly 'logical' and 'creative' hemispheres is
now considered a major oversimplification at best. It's the kind of neat
'fact' that seems plausible enough to get repeated without anyone checking
it, and can provide a science-y justification for fairly arbitrary
decisions. In any case, we focus both eyes on the point we're paying
attention to, so I doubt the layout makes any significant difference to
where information ends up in the brain.

The idea of placing plots and output on the right was more that cause
follows effect, and the languages we're most familiar with are read left to
right. Of course, it would make sense to have an option to switch it round.

I wonder: if a user's first language is written right-to-left, when they
are writing code left-to-right, will it feel more natural to have [output
<- code] or [code -> output]. I'm trying to imagine writing code
right-to-left, and I think it would still be clearer to me for the layout
to follow my first language's writing system. Would any Arabic or Hebrew
speakers on the list like to chip in?

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