[IPython-User] Notebook: console is not defined

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Tue Jan 31 23:13:06 CST 2012

I tried to run IPython notebook in Prism 1.04 (which is abandoned
project, but works fine for various other things), and I get main
window but can't open notebook page or reuse existing notebooks (they
are not listed, although exist in default folder)

I opened error console and get error about 'console not defined'
pointing to "notebook.js" which I attached as screenshot

There are also warnings, like 'reference to undefined property' and
'unknown pseudoclass or pseudo element' for "jquery-1.6.2.js", but I
guess those warning are not so important
I tried '--no-mathjax' also, but get same error

So I'm wondering if I could dedicate IPython Notebook to Prism web app

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