[IPython-User] Advice re parallelizing many quick calculations

Junkshops junkshops@gmail....
Sun Jul 1 16:48:14 CDT 2012

Hi MinRK and Fernando,

Wow, thanks for the very detailed (far more than I was expecting) 
responses. Sounds like my suspicions were correct. I probably need to go 
do more reading before puttering around with parallelization any further.

> Yes, that's still kind of rough.  For quick and dirty copy/pasting,
> using the 'print view' from the File menu lets you at least copy
> across cell boundaries...
> The In/Out prompts are in lines by themselves, but at least it works.

Yeah, that's the best solution I found - but this is what I get when 
copying from FF to Tbird on Winders7 and to gedit on Ubuntu (this is 
still on v12.1 of IPy):

###start copy
In [1]:

from IPython.parallel import Client

from IPython.parallel import Client

import time

In [2]:

lview = c.load_balanced_view()

c = Client()

lview = c.load_balanced_view()

dview = c[:]

print lview, dview

<LoadBalancedView None> <DirectView [0, 1, 2, 3]>
###end copy

For some reason the copy process duplicates lines and throws CRs between 
every line. Anyway, like I said, a minor issue *shrug*

>> Hmm, I guess this question was either too hard, too stupid, or too long.
>> In the hopes it was the latter problem I'll try again.
> Sorry - we were blitzing on the 0.13 release.
> Or we have a*very*  small team that basically does everything around here.
So I was too impatient :/

Sorry, g

P.S. Congratulations on the r13 release. Can't wait to try it.
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