[IPython-User] Styling Notebook

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sun Jul 1 20:27:20 CDT 2012

Initially I thought to try and roll my own CSS, but when I looked
closer it's probably bad idea.
What I managed to do is distill missing elements from "base" css style
and then include main css from themes available here:

In short, you download theme and copy theme folder (it's in css
subfolder in downloaded theme archive) in
"..\frontend\html\notebook\static\jquery\css\themes", then just put
there (in new theme folder) my attached css file, and change line 9 in
"..\frontend\html\notebook\templates\page.html" accordingly.
This can be simplified with entry in ipython notebook config file I guess.


Attached css file is not "least common denominator" and can be further
reduced, and I think it works fine from what I tested. With dark
themes it doesn't work. I also wonder why the author of these changes
didn't create new css file and then include original css in it, so
that this kind of reversing could have been avoided, and changing the
theme would have been easier.

Whatever, if you think it's interesting I could include detailed
walkthrough in wiki, although procedure is simple but maybe not
obvious to all. Also if I missed something I would like to know. Don't
tell me there is already way to do this :D

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