[IPython-User] IPython Machine Image: Best packages and extensions for Ubuntu?

Carl Smith carl.input@gmail....
Thu Jul 5 20:34:19 CDT 2012

Hi all

I recently started working on a web application that lets users manage
IPython Notebook servers on EC2. It's been online for a little while
now, and has been discussed on the dev list, so I wont describe it
again here, but if you'd like to know more...

Each virtual machine a user creates uses what Amazon calls an AMI,
Amazon Machine Image. AMIs are basically cloud distros.

NotebookCloud currently uses Ubuntu 12.04 with IPython and it's
dependencies. I'm about to upgrade the AMI to use a new version of
IPython and want to add a bunch of useful packages in the process.
Within reason, the footprint isn't that important, there's plenty of
room, but I do want to keep it tidy and documented, not just chuck
everything in.

I'm also happy to bundle IPython notebooks, extensions, magics and so
on, as well as non-Python stuff that's nice to have.



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